650 PPC Package

Pay Per Click

When we build a campaign, it is unique, custom made for you, deep keyword research, competition analysis, details on max cost per click on each keyword, etc, we tie all the loose ends and make sure your campaign is optimized to have a great quality score and the proper negative keywords and locations.

Online dashboard

There are always small tweaks or changes you may think of when you visit your website. This Online Dashboard is the best way to see all the numbers from your website, traffic, ranking, PPC campaigns, Facebook, etc. You will have access 24/7 and run reports, connect all your social media accounts, run a website audits and more.

No Contract

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Just write an email to three (3) weeks prior to your next billing due date, and we will cancel your recurring billing.

* If you would like to cancel the subscription before the six (6) month period, we will require a payment for the rest of the website cost. Website costs are $500 monthly when subscriptions are canceled earlier than six (6) months. An example is paying four (4) months of the subscription and canceling. This would mean a payment of $1000(2 months’ worth) is required for Limo Partner LLC to transfer the website into your account.

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